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Blueprint to the Internet


If you are a small business or just starting a business, you need marketing. These days any marketing plan must include the Internet marketing. The first setp is to create your company’s website.

Here are the steps to building your low cost business website.

  1. Find a domain name that fits your company. Pick your domain name and register your domain name. If it is available, try your company name.
  2. Host your domain. There are two different avenues for hosting. If you want to build your own website without programming or learning HTML, then look at the do-it-yourself companies that will also host your website. More on do-it-yourself web development for business. If you want more flexibility in your design or are using the help of a web designer and/or graphic artist, then you will need straight web hosting. Here is our review of the Top 3 cPanel Web Hosting Companies.
  3. Develop your website. If you didn’t choose to use a do-it-yourself web ddevelopment company in step 2, then you have some options on developing your business website.
  4. Optimize your website for the search engines. A few search engine optimization tips when developing your website can help with your sucess in the search engines.
  5. Measure your search engine position. Order a Search Engine Results Page (SERP) report to see where you are monthly or weekly.
  6. Email Marketing SuccessMarket your company with Email marketing. Low Cost, Effective Marketing.
  7. Add Pay-Per-Click advertising.
  8. List your website in authoritative websites. Submit Your Site to Best of the Web!
  9. Accept credit cards on your website. You can accept credit cards on-line without expensive fees. PayPal is the best way for a small business to accept credit cards on-ilne with out paying expensive monthly fees. Details at PayPal.
  10. Market with social media. Facebook and Twitter.

We will give you tips, best practices, and recommendations to build the optimal website and get the optimal search engine placement. Chose from the topics above to get tips, best practices, and links directly to optimal resources for each step in building your optimal website.